Thursday, July 14, 2011

Classroom Library

Another fun linky party!  Mrs. E. at The Sweet Life of Third Grade is hosting a classroom library show off linky party.  Check it out and be sure to join in!

Quite possibly my favorite part of my room, the library with all those books!  I organize my books by author/genre in blue/turquoise tubs that are all labeled.  I'm in the process of updating them and switching to all green tubs for this year.  I have one seperate shelf that holds all of my nonfiction books.  Not pictured are 2 kid-size cute adirondack chairs and I have 4 fold-up kid chairs that students get out when in the reading center.  If you're like me, even after teaching my students about our classroom library and how it is organized, now and then it inevitably has a small tornado whip through it.  I always assign a few students the job of 'cleaning-up' and organizing the library.  They love being in charge of this and showing students where books go.  And it helps me keep it organized. 
 I also have Mr. Mabe in the process of 'making' shelves for me that will help hold more tubs.  I have picked up a giraffe print rug from JC Penny on clearance (originally $100 on sale for $30) that will be in the library along with some green and animal print pillows.  Not ready to go back to school, but getting excited about getting in there and decorating!


Mrs. E

What a great library! Thank you for joining my linky party!
The Sweet Life of Third Grade

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