Sunday, July 31, 2011

Teacher Blogs R-O-C-K!!

So tomorrow I will venture to my boxed-up classroom to begin organizing, cleaning, and decorating {sigh...insert frowny face here...I am going to be one sad mommy when I have to leave my cutie pie in a few weeks}.  My little man will be accompanying me, so there's a good chance I will get very little accomplished.  I'm at the beach all next week {YAY} but as soon as I return, it's workdays, trainings, & back to school!  SOOOOOO I have to get my messy room ready.  

All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU to all you awesome bloggers out there for sharing so many great ideas.  Usually during my son's nap time, I hit up a couple blogs and work on things for school.  It is so wonderful to have a network of teachers to share and inspire one another.  Here are a few things I've adapted and recreated to work in my 'jungle/safari' room {all awesome ideas I came across on blogs this summer}.  Click on each picture to download.

My absentee folder printables.  I will make 2-3 folders to keep in the room and use when students are out.  No more digging for missed work.  What a great idea!  
{idea from Mrs. Gilchrist's blog...see post here}

Bye-bye prize box!  This idea came from Mrs. Cooley at First Grader....At Last!  She created a notebook 'catalog' to replace her prizebox.  Check out her blog above to read more about it.  The thought of not having to buy more random toys, trinkets, and 'stuff' puts a big smile on my face and more $$$ in my pocket!!  I created the following catalog to use in the room.  I will use a 3-ring binder to hold the catalog choices.  When students earn enough stickers for good behavior & making smart choices, they will get to choice a reward from the catalog.  Click on any of the pictures to download a copy.  Awesome idea Mrs. Cooley!!

**UPDATE**JULY 2012** 
Check out the post here for my newest additions to the behavior catalog!

I'm also wrapping up my math vocabulary picture cards this week too.  They should be posted soon.  Here's a sneak peek...Not quite finished, but will probably have close to 100 math words.  In my district, we have to post our math words we are working on, then move them to a math 'word wall' to stay posted for the year. 

 Enjoy the freebies & leave a comment if you download them!  Don't forget to click 'follow' on the sidebar while you're visiting!  Night night blogging world.


Lauren Morse

Your rewards pages are very cute! I saw them on First Grader At Last but didn't have the motivation to recreate them. I'm glad you did! Where did you get that border?
Can't wait to see your math cards!
Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. D

Wow! I love the behavior catalog. I saw Sarah's, but was planning on remaking it with a jungle theme. :) Thanks so much for sharing yours!!


Thanks ladies! The border, I'm not sure...I found it saved on my old desktop computer from who knows when or where. :-)


The behavior catalog is a fabulous idea!! You're right, this will save you some $$$. Thanks for sharing!



I absolutely love your behavior catalog! I cannot wait to use it in my classroom this year! I was wondering if I could ask a super big favor? Is there anyway you can change the page that says first grade class (Friendly Lunch) to say Kindergarten class and send it to me?

Lil' Country Kindergarten


I love you your behaviour catalogue... I'm a parent and I think I've just learned something.


I love this do I stick with the cute animals or redo with monsters (class theme)...decisions, decisions...Great blog!


Would you be willing to change the read aloud page to say third grade? :) I have a jungle theme too, and I was really excited to see that you created this. I was going to re-do Sarah's, but I have been insanely busy since I'm in the process of switching school districts. Thanks!


Angie and Cindy

These are all awesome. I will definitely be using these in my classroom. Your blog is great!


Teaming Up To Teach


Hi. I just found your fabulous blog via a post on FB by the Organized Classroom! I LOVE your behaviour catalogue (I am an Australian, hence the spelling differences...just in case you thought, yikes, a teacher who can't spell, lol!). Thank you so much for sharing your work! I am off to catch up on your posts. Wishing you a wonderful day :)
Good Morning Mrs Rubie

Mrs. B

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing. I am SO excited to not be ordering trinkets and items that end up in the garbage later, and thank you to Mrs. Cooley for the idea!

Mrs. Roper

Hi I love your posters especially your stinky feet one - that is a whole class reward when we earn a certain number of compliments. I was wondering if you could email me your file, for some reason I am unable to print from Google Docs and I don't know how to fix it :-(
I would really appreciate it if you could :-)

Kristen Phillips

Love your blog and all your organizational ideas. I am very interested when you have your math vocab cards posted. We are required to post them now and would love to have it look cute!


I love your math vocabulary cards! I can't wait to see more.


Love your catalog! it is too cute!!! I made one after seeing the one on First grader at last but your is so much cuter! Can you tel me where you found your letters and graphics?

Heather's Heart

I LOVE this idea! I haven't done a treasure box in a long time and think this will be great! I just found your blog today and am your newest follower! I look forward to stalking, I mean visiting, more!

I would LOVE for you to come visit me!

Heather's Heart


I love your Reading Catalog idea! I, however, teach K. Is there anyway of getting these to say "Kindergarten???" :) If so, could you email this to me??? Thanks a million!


these are so wonderful! thanks a million for sharing

Judy goodall

LOVE this idea! Especially like that it will save me from buying treasure box goodies. I teach 2nd grade. Could you email me these to say "2nd" instead of first? Thanks so much.


Hi there--LOVE this idea. Plus it defintiely saves from having to buy treasure box goodies. Thanks for sharing such an awesome idea! I'm also your newest follower :)


The Quirky Apple

Mrs. Gryzynger

LOVE this idea. How do you keep track of the incentive that each child chooses? I am sure more than one kid is earning an incentive, and when do you actually allow them to choose? when they reach a certain color, for the next day, at the end of the week? Thanks for any info you are willing to share!

Janna Finch

I love the reward catalog! I teach 4th grade and I am going to use those and make my own version. Thank you so much for sharing.

Fabulous Finch Facts

Beth Suter

I LOVE the reward catalog. Hurray for no more prize box! I saw that there was a previous request for the posters to say 3rd grade. I would be so grateful if you could send them to me as the 3rd grade version.

Thanks for sharing!!


Cool School with Karen

What a lovely blog! If I knew how to make awards, I'd give you one! I am starting my own blog and seeing the form of yours is really helping me to see my own vision.

Come by and visit me at to cheer me on!


Wow! What a fantastic idea. I've been meaning to create something like this for my class, and these are beyond what my non-creative mind could think of. :) Thank you for sharing! I have a 5th grade class and was hoping to be able to tweak some of these so that they're more age appropriate. Any chance you'd be able to post/email these in their editable format?


Fredda Rosenbaum

Your ideas are terrific. I'll share one of my most successful rewards: When students do something positive, I have their names scroll on a computer marquee screensaver. The kids love seeing their names appear over and over. As a music teacher, classes were always excited to see messages like, "Mrs. Smith's Class is Super-Duper!" or something similer. And -- it's free!

Alisha Knobloch

I found this through Pinterest and I love this idea! It's always nice to have free ideas to reward students with in the classroom. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!


Very sweet and cute. I really enjoyed your posted Posters. They are charming and I want to cover my reading room with this posters. I have just collected Takashi Murakami signed limited poster "GuruGuru" at PIJ. Its fabulous.

Carlene Matthews

fantastic ideas which will save me time and money. im a retired teacher now doing replacement teaching at a Specialist School in Australia so cant wait to use some of your colourful posters and rewards cards

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