Sunday, June 24, 2012

Time Flies....and I'm having FUN!

Whew....I've been gone from the blogging world for quite a while!  My last post {circa last August} was made from the beach while I was kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying my last little bit of summer before heading back to school {with a classroom I had already set-up, decorated, and cleaned, keep in mind}.  That beach trip proved quite eventful, with me interviewing and taking a new position at a new school within a matter of days.  I packed up my classroom and moved across town a WEEK BEFORE STARTING SCHOOL!!   Needless to say, this year was a whirlwind with moving, settling, and adjusting, but I love my new school and teammates.  My commute has been cut in half, which I absolutely love.  I'm still in first grade.  So between the ten bajillion things we do as teachers on a regular basis, I have also been enjoying time with my one {almost 2 year old} and the hubster.  Life is good, God is great!  So....with all that being said, I'M BACK and ready to rock a new year. 

I'm working on a few things to share over the next few weeks, and of course finding great ideas on your blogs and my favorite, Pinterest!  My room is lots of green and animal prints.  I needed to update my number word posters, but didn't want anything too big.  Viola....below is what I came up with.  Set includes numbers 0-20, 30, 40, 50, 60 , 70, 80. 90 & 100.  Click on the picture to download for free from my TpT store.  Follow me on TpT for more fun stuff to come!  Enjoy!



Hi there! I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger award :) Feel free to stop by to pick it up!


The Quirky Apple


I downloaded your number words file. Thanks so much for sharing it. Is there any chance you can create an additional card with a title - Number Words? I would like to put it over the
cards on the wall. Thanks!

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