Sunday, July 8, 2012

Math Vocabulary Cards....TaDa!!!

Whew.  Let me just say that these math vocabulary cards have been a labor of love!  I started creating/working on them LAST SUMMER (ha) and have just put the finishing touches on them.  I used a majority of these cards in my room this year on my math word wall.  My district has adopted Common Core standards, so I have been adding more words that align with Common Core.  My district provided picture cards for us to print and use, but can we say, colorless and b-o-r-i-n-g!  I wanted something very simple and clean, but jazzed up in fun colors and clipart.  Viola!  Below is a preview of the end result.  104 vocabulary cards for a quick reference in your room.  Click on the images to go check them out!  

Tomorrow, I am venturing back into my classroom and will start taking some pics.  I have moved to a nice, big room with lots of storage (YAY) and while I don't even want to think about summer ending, I do get excited thinking about decorating and setting up for a new year and new firsties!! 



Is it possible to have you fix an error in the cards? The compose card says 40+2=46. I also wanted to know where you got the font as my district has a few others words added to our lists. Thanks


Hi! I saw your cards on Pinterest, and I believe they are very useful! I just wanted to make you aware of one thing. The trapezoid you have pictured is a special one. It is an isosceles trapezoid which means it has one pair of equal sides and one pair of parallel lines. However, a quadrilateral just needs one pair of parallel sides to be classified as a trapezoid, not equal sides. I know this sounds petty, but those "important" tests usually show something other than an isosceles trapezoid. It's like never showing children a triangle that is standing on its point; so they think it can't be a triangle.


Hello! I love your classroom pictures. Last week I was moved to first grade and have been in panic mode trying to get things organized. My husband has offered to build me shelves for my library. Could you please send me the measurements of your blue shelf? Thanks so much! Tammie (

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