Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mega Word Work

I ventured into my classroom today with my 2 year old.  I actually managed to get quite a bit unpacked and put away with him playing with his cars and trucks and wanting to take out magnadoodles, blocks, markers, books, everything!!!  I am excited beyond words to be moving into a bigger classroom.  My wheels were turning today as I pictured where I wanted everything to go.  Especially my word work center because I just finished wrapping up how it will be organized this year.

  I am going to print, laminate, and hole punch each task card.  They will be held together with a ring.  **Sorry, no pictures, haven't had time to put it together with a 2 year old running around**.  I will create a separate set of task cards for each of my reading groups, based on ability.  I plan on spending A LOT of time at the beginning introducing each task card along with expectations.  I created recording sheets for some of the task cards.  I actually think I will be using a word work journal this year to cut down on some copies.  You can check out the task cards and recording sheets, from my TpT store.  I would love to hear from you if you download them, along with any suggestions for more activities.  Follow my TpT store for more fun stuff to come.  What other awesome ideas to you have for word work??? Enjoy!


Now posted in my TpT store are Writing Center Task Cards.  I wanted the set to be versatile for throughout the year.  There are 132 task cards! WHOA!!!  Some cards have writing topics on them like a rainy day, a time I was excited, the beach, my family, etc.  There are topics for creating lists, recipes, newspapers, poems, and stories.  I figured I would just knock them all out at once so I can pick and choose throughout the year.  I think they will work great for an anchor chart bulletin board to give kiddos topics to write about, as well as being hole punched and on a ring in the writing center.  Check it out in my TpT store!   


First Grade and Fearless

This is wonderful. Thank you! I brought my 18 month old with me to work the other day and he "reorganized" my math manipulatives.

Lori Rosenberg

Wow! What a total treasure trove of terrific activities! You are very kind to share them. Thank you so much!

Ѽ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Ms. Naparalla

Thank you SO very much! I have been wanting to create something very similar so thanks for taking something off my list. :)

Mrs. Castro

These look great! Thanks for sharing!
I found you through Chalk Talk and am your newest follower.

Mrs. Castro's Class


Thank you so much for sharing! These look awesome.
I also found you through Chalk Talk and am your newest follower. Very cool!


WOW! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful ideas!


Thank you so much for posting these. I can't wait to share them with my K team. I will be using them next school year. Amy

Miss Kindergarten

These turned out great!! I love them!

Katie L.

These are fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing these!! These will work great this year!



Thank you for sharing this!! Wonderful!!!


I LOVE these! Thank you for sharing!


Pam and Jess

These will be awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

Mrs. Ryan

Thanks so much! These are awesome!


These are soooo AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

Corinna Woita

Oh, wow! It is great to meet another teacher who spends their summer doing school things! :) These are fabulous! You are a gem!
Teaching Fabulous Firsties!


Found you by way of Chalk Talk...your blog is adorbs:)

Cher Harrison

Thanks so much! I am setting my room up on Monday and I can't wait to use these. :)

Nicole Lanier

WOW, these cards are great! Thank you for sharing!

Lanier's Kindergarten Lions

Ms. Mentzer's Kindergarten Class

Thanks for sharing!! :)
Kindergarten Stars


These are amazing. Thank you so much!


Mary Lirette

Love this! Thanks so much! :)

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives


Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! Be on the lookout in the next week or so for the sequel in my TpT store....writing task cards :)

angela fuller

These are great. Do the colors represent the levels of your students? Also how fo you play the Parking Lot game?


No, nothing special about the colors. For the parking lot game, I was going to print the recording sheet and laminate. Different ways to play as a two person game:
-each player take a side of the.parking lot. Take turns spelling words. If correct they can write it in a parking spot and park a matchbox car on it. Be first to fill lot to win
-take turns picking a word card and reading. If student can correctly read word, use in a sentence, etc they can park a car on their side of the lot until full

Hope this is helpful! I figured what first grade boy wouldn't love an excuse to practice his words and play with cars at the same time!!

DeLaina W.W.

this is great!!!!!! thanks soooo much for sharing! Do you have something like this made for math stations in your TPT store?

J. Henry

Wow! This is awesome! I love it!! I will be using it with my first grade class during Daily 5 Word work! :o)

Celeste P.

Awesome! I can't wait to use with Word work this year...wish I could get to work on my classroom. we aren't ever able to get back in until August

Celeste P.

Awesome! I will be using these in Word Work this year...I wish I could get in my classroom but we aren't ever allowed in until August wish is a big rush.


These are wonderful!! Thanks for sharing...I love your blog :)
I am having a giveaway...come check it out

Teach~Play~Smile 200 Follower Giveaway!

Erin Sample

These are great! Thank you! I am also your newest follower. Come check out my blog at
Sample’s Superstars
:) Erin


Thanks! These are great choices for word work!
Primary Pizzazz

Glitzy In First Grade

Awesome! Thanks for sharin' :)


These look great! I'm just getting started with The Daily 5, this is just what I was needing!
I',m your newest follower.
Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher


These are great! I just downloaded them and can't wait to revamp my word center for this next year. Awesome, thanks so much!!

~ Mary Tyler

Lisa R.

I just found your blog & I'm glad that I did!! You have some wonderful ideas. Thank you so much for this terrific freebie. I am a new follower & I am excited to follow along & share ideas! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure


This is so awesome of you! Thank you!



Love this blog! How do you make the backgrounds????


That was the BEST Freebie ever. I have task cards that I have been using, but I will be switching to these. I love how they are stated in a kid friendly Learning Goal--are you doing Marzano?
Thanks for the Fabulous Resource.

Miss Scullion

Thank you so much!

Miss Cosby

Awesome! Thanks so much.
You Might Be a First Grader...

Stephanie Hogle

These cards are exactly what I need to make my Word Work Center easier to manage! Thank you for posting them. I found you through Pinterest- love your website!

Celebrate First Grade

Timeless Teaching Treasures

These are so cute and will be SO helpful!! Thank you for sharing! :)

Ms. Kerri

These are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. I found your blog through the your pin. I'm your newest follower.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten


Thanks for such a cute and useful freebie!


Hi! I was wondering what program you used to create the cards. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them!

Oceans of First Grade Fun

I just found your blog! Love it and thanks for sharing!
Oceans of First Grade Fun


Thanks so much for your great ideas! I keep looking for more ideas to organize my Daily Five classroom!

Ms. Burton

Just found your blog through Pinterest! I love the word work task cards--they are on my list of things to add to my classroom! Thank you so much for sharing them. :-)

K is for Kinderrific

Ms Apple Blossom

I love those word work cards!! I wanted more things for my writing/lang arts centers and these are great, and so cute! Thank you for sharig!

Apple Blossoms

Beki Moore

Thanks!I love this!


Those are awesome!! Thanks for the freebie!! :)


Thank you for sharing these! They will be a great addition to Word Work.
Still Teaching After All These Years

Old Hip Chick

You are a gem to make these available for FREE! Thank you so much. I will love using them. I'm determined to get my classroom SOOOOO organized this year!

Elizabeth Tierney

Wow! What an amazing and generous resource!! I will be using these all year long. Thank you so much!!

Elena Gruwell

Thank you! Love the colors in the cards.


Thank you so much! This will be great for early finishers. Can't wait to use the activities!

Leigh Anne

these look great, can't wait to use them! i tried clicking on your TpT link but it didn't work. help?! :)


Thanks for sharing! What font did you use?


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hi! I would LOVE to have these in my classroom... are they still available as a freebie? if so, how can I get 'em? thanks!

Tamsyn Fegan

Hi there.. i would love to know where you got the front page and task card frame from. i love it and would like to create task cards for other centers and have it in all in unison. please can you let me know where you got it from. Thanks :)

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