Friday, April 15, 2011

A Few of My Favorite (Non-Teacher Related) Things

Linking up with Katie from Persnickety Pickles for a few of my favorite things (NON-Teacher Related)....Here we go....
1. My hubby, BJ, and 9 month old son, Carter.  My two absolute favorite men eva!!  Watching them play every evening and hearing laughs and giggles makes my day complete.  I love being a mommy and wife!

2. Sleeping In ~ ahhhhhhhh, my bed & me snuggled up on a Saturday morning **sigh** doesn't happen too often with a 9 month old, so the mornings BJ takes Carter & I sleep in are lovely :-)
3.  Target - I'm there at least twice a week, maybe more, just don't tell my hubby :-)

4.  Blankets ~ I seriously have no less than 2 blankets per room in my house.  That's what happens when your hubby likes sub-Arctic temperatures.  A fuzzy, warm blanket + me = happiness!

5.  Strawberries - So dang excited that it is almost strawberry season here in NC! Can't wait to take Carter to pick his first strawberries.  Dip them in chocolate, sugar, whipped cream, no matter...I love me some strawberries!

6.  My mom - Seriously, I wouldn't survive without her.  I love talking to her DAILY (usually more than once) and spending time with her shopping, playing with mr. carter, or being crafty!  She is the best

7.  My Rainbow flip-flops.  I live in them.  I wear them summer, fall, winter, spring, no matter.  Just wish I could wear them to school (I keep an extra pair *hidden* in my room to wear when the 'cute' shoes start to hurt).


Mrs. D

I love your #6. My mom is one of my best friends. :)

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