Monday, April 4, 2011

Ouchie....Ow......Ouch That Hurts!

Who would have ever thought phonics would be so much fun!?!?!  Our spelling words this week are the -ow spelling pattern and we will be reviewing the -ou sound as well.  Firsties can have such a hard time with the -ou, whether it is the long o sound or /ou/ sound.  Well, we are lovin' some ouchies in our room.  I found this fabulous idea from Lindsey at The Teacher Wife.  I introduced my poor, wounded, hurt clown letters today - the o and u.  I gave my kids a long, drawn out story about what happened to them, how they got hurt, and of course what they keep on saying, "OW!!!  That hurts!"  I wore -ow band-aids all over me for the remainder of the day and when the kids would point to one, I gave them a sad face and said, "OW!"  I especially loved the wack-a-doodle looks I got at buses, like, "what is this crazy lady up to now?!?!"  We're going to continue with our ouchie clowns tomorrow and practice reading all our -ow and -ou words throughout the week.  A quick stop at the dollar store tonight and now my firsties will be bandaged up with their -ow and -ou words the rest of the week. 

I purchased Lindsey's Clown unit on TPT and these cute little guys were in there!  We wrote our ow and ou words on band-aids and stuck them on our chart.


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