Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going Bananas for Dollar Deals

Check out my latest little find from the Target dollar section...
I've been working on center activities for after Spring Break.  (No Spring Break for me until next week...sooooo ready) I've come up with a literacy center for the monkey container.  We will be working with the /oo/ sounds after break, so we'll be 'Goin' Bananas' to practice.  Students will sort the bananas by the oo sound like in soon and the oo sound like in book.  They will feed the monkey only the /oo/ words (like in 'book').  The bananas that make the /oo/ sound, like in soon, will be 'rotten' and the monkey can't eat them!  Then students will record words on the tree map to show how they sorted the bananas.  I use a Sound Muncher in my room weekly and these little guys will be used in the same way ~ to sort words for word study.  Click on the picture to download the bananas and tree map.

p.s.~ elephant and peanut activity for math coming soon!


Mrs. D

I have both of those, plus a giraffe! They are so cute. Thanks for the download! :)

Busy Bee

Thank you so much for the activity. I bought the monkey and giraffe ones and needed an activity! Thanks for sharing, enjoy your spring break! =)

Mrs. Thiessen

ADORABLE! Love that!!!!!
Thanks for sharing :)


Katie Mense

This is great!!!! I also posted about these same trashcans!!!! But, I found a giraffe too:) I have some response sheets posted too:) Here's the link if you want to go check them out:)
Little Warriors


I have the elephant. I can't wait to see your elephant activity!

Alessia Albanese

Just discovered your blog - thanks for sharing all of your things!

Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

Natasha Buckner

I love the oo sort but it will not download..can you email it to me?! Thanks!

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